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Power Distribution

• DIN Mount SPN Consumer Distribution Boards, E51 & E50
• Row DIN Distribution Boards, E52
• Circuit Breaker Enclosures E53 & E83
• Hybrid DIN Mount Distribution Boards, E62
• DIN Mount Load Center • Distribution Boards, E56
• Din Rail Distribution Boards IP 41
• Plug-in Distibution Boards, E57
• Sub-Main Distribution Boards, E55


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DIN Rail Distribution Boards IP41

•  ACE- DIN rail distribution boards are available from 1 row to 6 rows of 16 modules per row.
• The units feature a metal cover with hinged metal door. The doors can be hinged for right or left opening.
• A removable DIN rail chassis facilitates wiring of the boards and installation on sites.
• A continuous rail on each side allows for multiple neutral and earth terminals to be clipped on.
• The boards can be fitted with a full range of modular devices as incomers and outgoing ways for protection and controls.
• ACE- DIN rail boards are available for flush and surface mounting.
• The center distance between rows is 150 mm which ensures adequate space for ease of wiring even with all devices fitted. Unused ways can be blanked off for subsequent use. Top and bottom gland plates are removable and have pre-punched knockouts for ease of installation on sites.
• The boards can be vertically and horizontally combined together to form various combinations for extensions and distribution requirements above 7 rows or suited with ACE Type B boards.