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Power Distribution

• DIN Mount SPN Consumer Distribution Boards, E51 & E50
• Row DIN Distribution Boards, E52
• Circuit Breaker Enclosures E53 & E83
• Hybrid DIN Mount Distribution Boards, E62
• DIN Mount Load Center • Distribution Boards, E56
• Din Rail Distribution Boards IP 41
• Plug-in Distibution Boards, E57
• Sub-Main Distribution Boards, E55

 POWER DISTRIBUTION - DIN Mount SPN Consumer Distribution Boards, E51 & E50

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Consumer Unis without Busbar E51
Comby Steel Flap Models E50

Application :
Comby consumer units are designed to suit installations in domestic and commercial installations, easy to install, attractive and highly reliable. Fitted with either steel flap or flush door.

Complete with neutral and earth terminals and din rail.