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Mount 19" Rack Model E1
Two-Section Wall Mount 19" Rack Model E11
IP 55 Wall Mount 19"
Electronic Enclosures Model E19
Universal 19" Rack Model E2
IT Server FlexiRack Model E7
QuickRack Model E77
VS 7000 Super Efficient Global IT Rack
VS 7000 Wall Box
Console System Model K.

    IT SOLUTIONS - VS7000 Wall Box

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VS7000 Wall Box

Characteristics :
• One-piece 19" wall-mount enclosures, rigidly constructed c/w gland plate.
• Come with either glazed or solid steel door.
• Interchangeable door hinge.
• Open rear panel.
• L-19" mounting angles ( x 2 ).
• Rectangular openings on all sides for cable entry between several     enclosures or for access during installation and maintenance work,    concealed by covers.   
• Vented sides for passive ventilation.
• Material used : Electrogalvanised steel.
• Finish : Epoxy powder paint RAL 7035 texture or Mid-Night Grey.
Supply includes :
• x1 Welded housing c/w cutouts for fans and cable entry.
•  x1 Door.
•  x2 L-19" Mounting Angles.