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IT Solutions

Mount 19" Rack Model E1
Two-Section Wall Mount 19" Rack Model E11
IP 55 Wall Mount 19"
Electronic Enclosures Model E19
Universal 19" Rack Model E2
IT Server FlexiRack Model E7
QuickRack Model E77
VS 7000 Super Efficient Global IT Rack
VS 7000 Wall Box
Console System Model K.

    IT SOLUTIONS -  Console System Model K

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Console System  Model K

• Modular in design. This provides cabinets from the most basic single bay console to sophisticated security control and production consoles.   
• By using the correct modular components, you can create the exact console  to meet     your needs.   
• The design is ergonomic, cost effective and expandable.   
• A full range of accessories provides a whole spectrum of options to complete your console.   
• The colour schemes create visual excitement and enhance systems designs.   
•  The complete consoles are pleasing to look at, comfortable to work at, and easy to reconfigure  or expand.   
• Complete complementary accessories is available.   

Application :           
•      Video Consoles            .
•      Security & Surveillance Consoles            .
•      Multimedia Consoles            .
•      Process Control Consoles            .
•      Video Production Consoles.           
•      LAN & SERVER Stations.