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    IT SOLUTIONS - E77 Quick Rack

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E77 Quick Rack

Characteristics :
• Multipurpose design that allows for 19", metric, as well as wider ETSI equipment to be fitted in one and same rack.
• Made of Electrogalvanised steel, it can be supplied in complete knockdown condition (CKD) or fully assembled unit.
• Conforms to DIN 41494 and ETSI specifications.
• Glazed front door mounted with 4 mm safety glass and keyed lock.
• Top and bottom cable entry and fan provisions.
• 19" mounting angles offset to provide cabling space.   
• Load rating 500 kg.
• Finish : Epoxy powder coated paint RAL 7035 texture or Mid-Night Grey.

Supply includes :
•  x2 Basic Frame.
•  x2 Side panels.   
•  x1 Bottom cover.
•  x4 Front and rear 19" mounting angles.
•  x1 Top cover with cable entry and fan cut-outs and gland plates & fan cover.
•  x1 Front glazed door.
•  x1 Rear perforated door.
•  x4 Leveling stands.   
•  Option : Full Perforation Front Door.