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Industrial Storage Equipment

• Drawer Cabinets
Drawer Storage Link System, A60 Series.
WorkBench System
Mobile Trolley
Panel Rack system
Lan & File Server Station, Series F1.


    INDUSTRIAL STORAGE EQUIPMENT -  Lan & File Server Station, Series F1.

Basic Model A 
Table Width 1500 mm, Depth: 700 mm       

                                    Order Code
Height    : 770 mm    F1.770.10   
                  855 mm    F1.855.10   
                  900 mm    F1.900.10   

F1 Workstation/Assembly Station.
 Designed for use as general and technical workstations, electronic and light assembly  stations, instrumentation test centres, packing and shipping areas, laboratory and training sites.

 F1 LAN and FILE Server Station.
You can create your own server station using its modular open frame architectural components. Made from electro-galvanised steel sheet. Epoxy powder coated.

Accessories available:
1.     Rear vertical frames.
2.     Tool panels.
3.     Overhead Lighting.
4.     Overhead rail.
5.     Corner Table Top.
6.     Fixed Shelf.
7.     Adjustable Shelf.
8.     Adjustable Tray.
9.     Keyboard Tray.
10.   Mountable cabinet.
11.   Mountable CPU Rack.
12.   Foot Rest Set.
13.   Front Mounted Power Strip.
14.   Bin Rail.
15.   Swing Frames.
16.   Low Swing Frame.
17.   Perforated Front Panel.
18.   Keyboard Drawer.
19.   Complementary Standalone Cabinet.
20.   File Partition Panel.