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Industrial Enclosures

• Terminal / Junction Boxes  E89
• VS 9000 Wall Mount Enclosures
• VS 9000 Stainless Steel  Enclosures E39
• VS 5000 Compact Floor Standing Enclosures
• VS 8000 Baying System
• Console Systems
• Main Modular Enclosures Form 1 - 4
• Outdoor Enclosures,
• Substation Enclosures

    INDUSTRIAL ENCLOSURES - Substation Enclosures

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ACE Substation Kiosk Enclosure

• These Substation Kiosk Enclosures are available in a wide range of sizes.
• The Substation Kiosk is assembled as an integrated unit from specially designed and manufactured component parts.
• The base is built on components laser cut from heavy steel sheets.
• Other component parts are made from electrogalvanised steel sheet and finished with epoxy powder paint.

• The Kiosk enclosure is divided into three compartments.

A.  Medium Voltage Compartment
B.  Transformer Compartment
C.  Low Voltage Compartment.